I am Fra. Luci Laboro and this is my blog “Attempting The Great Work”. I am an Aspirant following the curriculum as laid out in Lyam Thomas Christopher’s “Kabbalah Magic and the Great Work of Self Transformation”. In a nutshell, it is a Golden Dawn derived self-initiatory programme, featuring extensive practical and theoretical work. The Aspirant follows the curriculum in accordance with the traditional GD grade structure.

Through this site, I hope to achieve a few things. Firstly, to share the resources I create for myself whilst completing my grade work. Additionally, to share my grade work, thoughts, and writings with others that may perhaps also benefit from my work. Lastly, to gain feedback and guidance from those wiser than myself. Throughout reading this site please bear in mind I am learning as I go along and am in no way an Adept. Alot of what I discuss on this platform will likely be new to me. I invite any and all constructive critique.