Useful Links

None of the below sites are in any way affiliated with me, these are just sites I find useful.

Sesh Kemet Egyptian Scribe

Sesh Kemet is an amazing resource for understanding the names and epithets of the Egyptian gods.

Azoth Art

Kathleen of Azoth Art makes great handmade products. I purchased my black tau robe from her and it fit beautifully.

The Golden Dawn Shop

Even if you are all about DIY magickal implements, The Golden Dawn Shop has great images of all the classic GD implements.

Lyam Thomas Christopher’s Llewellyn Articles

LTC’s articles he wrote with Llewellyn around the time he published “Kabbalah Magic and The Great Work of Self Transformation” provide a great bit of extra insight into the book itself.

Watkins Books

If you are UK based Watkins Books is the Mecca of esoteric book stores. Not to mention, supporting independent book stores is always admirable.